Seasonal Guide To Sowing & Growing Vegetables

From tomatoes and peppers to potatoes and carrots we are all getting more enthusiastic about growing our own edible crops at home. Certain plants are best grown inside in a greenhouse or under glass such as peppers, and some can be grown on earlier in the year then planted out later to give you a head start, sweet peas particularly benefit from this if started in November in root trainers! Whilst other choices such as onion sets or potatoes require planting straight into your chosen site.

We have comprised a simple chart for the most popular fruit and veg choices, indicating when seeds or sets should be sown and in ideal conditions when crops can be harvested. So get out there and start growing, it is as simple as that!

Seasonal Planting & Growing Calendar

Seasonal Vegetable Planting Guide
senior woman planting onion in the vegetable garden

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Vegetable seedlings in tray