Inspiration Location for ITV’s Love Your Garden

Photo of Magical Garden in East Sussex

One of our favorite projects is featured as a source of inspiration for a new garden which Alan Titchmarsh and his team on Love Your Garden created for a deserving little girl.

The beautiful, yet practical and safe, sensory garden will be featured on ITV’s Love Your Garden on 9th August at 8pm.

Mark collaborated with Paul Cameron of Treehouse Life Ltd.

See the finished garden: Spiral Hills and Secret Paths

FULL STORY: Alan and the team created a sensory garden for an inspirational little girl who has severely limited vision and will one day go completely blind. Four-year-old Isabelle Cooper has a rare degenerative eye disease called LCA – Leber’s Congenital Amaurosis.

With the support of her family, she moves confidently around her indoor environment, but the outdoors remained a challenge. Her family’s back garden was an uninspiring rectangle of lumpy lawn surrounded by uneven and slippery paving. The team transformed the bland plot into a safe haven for Isabelle, with gorgeous plants and flowers that smell, sound, feel and even taste great.

This garden was featured on ITV’s ‘Love Your Garden’ with Alan Titchmarsh on 9th August 2017. You can watch the TV programme online at the ITV website until 8th September 2017.

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