The Process

No two gardens are the same and we are each looking for a space that is unique to us. The relationship between us and our clients is critical to how we work and informs every garden we create. However, as a general guide each project follows a similar path.

Photo of Large Country Garden East Sussex

Photo of Large Country Garden East Sussex

Site Consultation

Every project starts with an initial site consultation where Mark can meet with you to chat through your dreams and aspirations and explore with you the creative potential of the space. It is also an early opportunity to identify any possible planning requirements, practical constraints and desired timescales. The initial consultation costs £50. This exchange will form the client brief.

Fee Proposal

Following the first visit we will return to you with a written copy of the brief together with a proposal of the services to be provided and a breakdown of the associated costs. We are often asked ‘what is the typical cost of designing a garden?’ It does not necessarily depend on the garden’s size but a combination of factors – such as topography of the garden and complexity of design. As a guide the design fees for most private gardens will fall somewhere between £500 and £2,500.

Photo of Large English Garden
Photo of Large Country Garden East Sussex

Site Survey & Plan

We will return to site to undertake a site analysis and a photographic survey to provide a visual record. In some instances this will include a full topographical survey of existing levels, features, structures and plants. This information will be used as the underlay for the creative sketch designs.

Design Concept

Hand-drawn sketch plan options (usually two or three) will illustrate the design concepts combining functional, aesthetic and imaginative ideals from the brief. They will show proposed layouts and features giving indicative suggestions for planting and material types. Mark will return to present these plans to you and open a discussion that allows you to explore those ideas you feel best encapsulate your brief. The design may well evolve as part of this exchange – but this stage is covered by the fixed cost of the initial fee proposal. Any changes or revisions to come out of these discussions will be drawn together into a final sketch plan.

The landscape garden design drawings for beddington place